Outsourcing obchodního týmu

Business team outsoursing in our concept means a comprehensive solution to problems related to the business team operation. We take on our shoulders all human resources agenda, sales skills training, and motivation of the whole business team. A modern call center directly supporting business representatives in the field is, of course, a part of our business team. Business teams are coached and controlled by regional managers for the Czech and Slovak Republics who are subordinates to the company sales manager.

We effectively arrange the realization of transfer orders produced by individual business representatives and the call center. To ensure the maximum knowledgeability about products, our partners have the possibility to participate in regular meetings where there is a time reserved for them to present their products within the business team product training.

By the business team outsourcing your company receives business representatives without the increase of labour costs, human resources agenda, and without the purchase of tangible property (cars, notebooks, telephones, etc.) and the costs related to this. Thus you increase your efficiency and productivity and you have a chance to exactly calculate, check, monitor, and evaluate the costs spent on the sales team without any unnecessary loss of your precious time.

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