Činnost obchodního reprezentanta

Sale of the Product or Brand in a Pharmacy
• with increased orientation on selected products according to strategic objectives and priorities of the partner
• sale with the distributive objective
• sale of natural sets with the objective of storage

Launching a New Product
• personal presentation of the product in pharmacies
• sales and marketing activities of 7 representatives and 3 telephone operators who are subordinates to a regional manager
• distribution to the aimed number of pharmacies, storage
• introduction to the stable sales portfolio of a pharmacy
• repeated offer in a weekly interval for selected pharmacies
• market feedback, evaluation and modification of product introduction

Marketing Activities in a Pharmacy
• product or brand merchandising
• presentation of the plan media, commercial spots, videos, etc.
• location of posters, leaflets, wobblers, rack laths, product models in a pharmacy
• e-mailing
• researches, analyses, and outputs

Portfolio Check and Maintenance in a Pharmacy
• stock maintenance
• assistance with the solution of guarantee period problems
• possibility of goods exchange
• check of deliveries speed

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